One of the first steps to be oriented towards greater awareness and corporate culture is to start with the opinions from the Team and to get to know their common points of view and vision. But what does it mean for us to be “Zerynth”?

In a previous blog post we explained Zerynth’s vision, mission, and values. But how is corporate reality actually experienced? What are the Team’s opinions and what are the aspects that define Zerynth as a company?

We asked the entire team to respond to an anonymous survey in order to better understand the aspects that distinguish us. Here are the answers we got.

Culture and values in the company

The working context is perceived by the Zerynth Team as a place for professional growth and skills building. This comes from not only on-the-job training, but also from the support leaders show for their teams. The professional path, in Zerynth, is well defined and is followed by the managers, who accompany and support their staffers along their growth path.

At Zerynth, everyone has a good understanding of their role and responsibilities. Most of the survey participants, in fact, feel satisfied with their work, have clear responsibilities, and recognize that they have strong decision-making autonomy. The majority of colleagues are satisfied with their path in Zerynth at the outset: from their experience at the interviews, to their selection times, to the clear information received from the organization up to their placement in the company hierarchy. The path taken is perceived as very favorable and most survey participants reported a positive experience during their selection interview.

People: trust and growth in the company

Other aspects related to the business context investigated are:

  • the ability to express oneself
  • trust in colleagues and managers
  • the ability to contribute to important decisions

On average, Zerynth employees perceive a shared and positive corporate culture: interviewees believe that their work is aligned with company objectives, they trust their colleagues and their managers.

With respect to leadership and the relationship with their managers, the ability of the leader to communicate goals, keep motivation high, support work life balance, and provide valuable feedback was analyzed.

At Zerynth we chose to experiment with a career path focused on objectives and on a rapid and constant feedback cycle. At the center of this process is the individual, who, with self-assessments and evaluations from their manager, can constantly improve and reach their set goals.

Fundamental to these growth paths is the transparent relationship between the employee and the manager that allows one to create moments of communication based on mutual trust. What emerges from the survey is the whole Team considers the performance interviews with their managers useful and functional.

It is clear that the moment of return and feedback with the manager is highly appreciated, with an emphasis on continuous improvement. In addition, most colleagues say that managers are able to communicate organizational goals. This aspect is essential for a transparent team management.

Welfare: smart working and other benefits

Regarding benefits, the overall analysis of perceptions on welfare and benefit systems shows that, on average, Zerynth employees are satisfied with the current corporate benefit system. Flexible hours and smart working are among the main advantages that the entire team appreciates; these being solutions that respond to the need for flexibility, autonomy, trust, and responsibility.

In fact, with us, the needs of the employee and his/her work-life balance are at the core. Since its origins, Zerynth has applied this way of working by paying attention to the stratum that starts from the principle of responsibility on the part of each team and its team leaders.

At Zerynth two principles are fundamental: respect for the group and the achievement of objectives. The flexibility and guaranteed autonomy are included in a framework of accountability and orientation to results that starts with the people involved.

Graph 1. The ability to work from home is a much-appreciated benefit.

In addition to this, generally at Zerynth, a very high overall score is reported concerning the possibility of personal expression, the inclusion of the other, and the integration of different cultures. In particular, we highlight the respect and integration of different cultures and backgrounds, the possibility of being able to freely express their beliefs, ideas, and opinions without feeling judged, and the promotion of equality and equity in accessing business opportunities.

Graph 2. The answers regarding the free expression of ideas, opinions and beliefs at Zerynth.

How we hire: the ideal candidate, the onboarding path and growth with the company

Analysis revealed that respondents experienced the selection process in a genial and positive way. At Zerynth, the selection of candidates includes four main selection steps and inclusion in an onboarding path tailored to each new employee. In fact, it is essential for us to convey the culture and values ​​of the company not only during the phases of choosing the candidate, but also during the first few weeks of joining the company.

Once candidates become part of the team, the possibility of rapid growth and constant evolution in terms of skills and abilities is guaranteed by Zerynth. What we are looking for in our candidates is not only that they  have a positive mindset, a spirit of innovation and collaboration, but, above all, resourcefulness, a desire to take responsibility and always being open to new experiences and learning new skills.

At Zerynth, the growth path implies rapid changes and increased responsibilities in a few years. At the company, some of us started with an internship and, after having followed a path of professional growth, we became area managers.

Everyone has the opportunity to grow and chart their own way within the team. Our managers, in fact, know how to field everyone’s propensities and attitudes and channel them along a specific development path.

Chart 3. The answers regarding equity in career and growth opportunities at Zerynth.

Word to the Team: Innovation

In general, some elements of uniqueness emerged from the survey such as proximity to management, a friendly environment and work-life balance. The possibility of interacting with people from different backgrounds and the constant company dynamism also make Zerynth a flexible and stimulating environment in which to increase one’s skills, either technical or transversal.

In the coming months, we have decided to deepen the values at Zerynth and share the fundamental pillars of our corporate culture.

Let’s start with innovation! Here are the Team’s answers!

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About the Author: Isabella Ripamonti

Isabella Ripamonti is Zerynth's HR Specialist. Her activities center on dealing with administration and human resources management. Degreed in Sociology and Social Research, she is passionate about work organization and joined the Zerynth Team with the aim of streamlining internal processes and helping the company to grow by adding new resources and promoting corporate culture. Curiosity: vegetarian.

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