The adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions is becoming essential for all industries today, including machinery manufacturers, to address the challenges related to production efficiency, energy costs, and consumption.

With Zerynth, you can optimize production processes, reduce energy consumption and costs, and manage maintenance easily, quickly and safely, by seamlessly interconnecting any type of machinery.

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Why use Industrial IoT in Manufacturing?

In an increasingly competitive industrial scenario and in a situation where energy costs are skyrocketing, it is important for companies to implement solutions that help them remain competitive in the market.

Industrial IoT solutions enable companies to improve production efficiency, reduce consumption and maintenance costs, and increase the value of connected industrial products.

This provides a significant competitive advantage for industries that embrace Industry 4.0 solutions by constantly and remotely monitoring machinery and extracting valuable KPIs to support data-driven and more informed decision-making.

Zerynth’s Industry 4.0 solution

Zerynth connects any industrial machinery or product in a fast, flexible and secure way. This provides industries with a holistic view of the entire shop floor, enabling clear and precise strategic decisions, and transforming industries into smart factories.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI is a plug-and-play solution for industrial plants and manufacturing processes, designed to quickly and non-invasively connect any industrial machinery in less than 3 hours.

The Zerynth Industry 4.0 solution offers benefits in several areas:

  • Production efficiency
  • Monitoring machines and industrial assets
  • Visibility and tracking of production orders
  • Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption
  • Condition-based and predictive maintenance
  • Retrofit of industrial machinery

Effortless maintenance of connected products

With Zerynth’s Industry 4.0 solution, machine builders and installers can offer their customers simple maintenance with minimal effort. Thanks to self-monitoring sensors, customers can receive proactive maintenance alarms, and diagnose and solve problems remotely. In addition, Zerynth ensures that software is automatically updated for better performance and increased security.

Improved service capabilities

With remote machine monitoring, response times to problems will be faster, reducing on site service visits, optimizing preventive maintenance plans, and receiving customized alerts for predictive maintenance.

Machinery Manufacturers and Installers: a real-life case study

A company that produces standard and customized heat exchange solutions for commercial and industrial applications was looking for a solution to establish two-way communication between its machinery and its management system in order to improve the integration of information between Planning, Department and Management Control.

The company had different types of machinery in the same plant, which made the interconnection complex. Data extraction and monitoring were crucial for implementing production optimization strategies.

production insights

Fig. 1 Visualization of the Production Insight app

Thanks to Zerynth’s solutions, the company was able to connect 16 machines of 10 different types in the same plant within a few weeks. This made it possible to monitor production costs, energy consumption and track processing orders in real time. This Industry 4.0 solution facilitated the exchange of data with the management system already in use within the company.

production insights

Fig.2 Specific data visualization of an interconnected machine

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