In a world where energy efficiency is increasingly at the heart of manufacturing companies’ sustainability strategies, monitoring energy consumption plays a crucial role. 

Thanks to the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform, it’s possible to revolutionize energy monitoring for manufacturing companies, allowing them to significantly reduce costs and electrical consumption.

In this article, we will discuss how companies can reduce their electrical consumption, especially in the context of Industry 4.0 machinery.

Energy Consumption in Industries: A Problem to Solve

In recent years, industries have faced significant challenges related to increased energy consumption that increasingly impacts the final balance sheet. Small businesses can reach an annual consumption of up to 2,000 MWh, while large companies can reach up to 150,000 MWh.

High consumption, combined with the rising energy costs (currently 0.234 euros per kWh), puts the industrial sector in crisis. This impacts not only the total costs but also the revenues: indeed, to remain competitive in the market, companies are forced to reduce their profit margins on the sale of their products.

Energy Monitoring for Industry 4.0 Machinery

The rise in energy costs has knocked down many sectors, forcing manufacturing companies to look for solutions to offset the significant energy expenses.

Zerynth’s solutions for monitoring energy consumption play a fundamental role in optimizing resource use and reducing operational costs. Thanks to the use of advanced sensors and real-time data analysis, Zerynth allows companies to have detailed control over the energy consumption of each machine.

What are the Benefits of Energy Consumption Monitoring?

  • Cost Reduction: It’s important to be able to identify unnecessary consumption peaks and inefficiencies to make immediate decisions and significantly reduce costs.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Monitoring and optimizing energy consumption contributes to a lesser environmental impact, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.
  • Continuous Improvement: Thanks to the collected data, companies can implement strategies for continuous improvement, efficiently and reactively adapting production processes.

Energy Efficiency through Technology and Innovation

Zerynth’s IoT technologies are designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of Industry 4.0 machinery and even older machinery, ensuring non-invasive and fast integration.

Through the use of intuitive dashboards, plant managers can view consumption data in real time, thus making quick and informed decisions. Adopting Zerynth’s solutions for monitoring energy consumption means taking a step towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

Consumption – The New View of the Machine Monitoring App

Within the Machine Monitoring App, users can find the “Consumption” view which offers real-time and remote monitoring of energy consumption and meets the requirements of Industry 5.0.

Thanks to the extraction of data on energy consumption of machinery and departments, it’s possible to identify sources of waste and quickly implement strategies to reduce consumption.

In this way, users can intervene to reduce energy consumption and costs, enabling their enterprise to meet the requirements of Industry 5.0. The benefits include:

  • Optimization of costs and energy consumption of production machinery
  • Optimization of costs and energy consumption of service machinery and electrical panels
  • Increase in production efficiency
  • Improvement of sustainability

Want to learn more about the Zerynth Platform and how we can help with energy consumption monitoring? Contact us NOW.

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