Energy Monitoring System

An energy monitoring system is a technological solution that allows real-time monitoring of power consumption in order to achieve industrial energy efficiency, by identifying inefficiencies and adopting energy-saving measures. This system represents one of the energy efficiency solutions available for companies, allowing them to reduce costs and their environmental impact.

energy monitoring system

An energy monitoring system is an industrial energy efficiency solution that enables the collection and analysis of power consumption data within an organization.

This system provides a detailed overview of energy consumption, allowing companies to identify areas of waste and take measures to optimize energy efficiency. Energy monitoring systems incorporate advanced technologies such as smart sensors, metering devices, data analysis software and energy management systems.

By leveraging IoT power consumption, these tools enable real-time monitoring of energy usage, allowing to identify anomalies, implement energy-saving strategies and improve the company’s overall environmental sustainability.

Tips to efficient energy consumption in your factory

Identify inefficiencies

Extract data from machinery: an energy monitoring system allows you to extract data on your machinery energy consumption and identify sources of waste to make data-driven decisions.

Optimize industrial energy efficiency: by extracting real-time and remote data 24/7, you can adopt effective energy-saving strategies and optimize your consumption while reducing costs.

Implement predictive maintenance actions: adopt predictive and condition-based maintenance techniques to reduce machinery malfunctions or downtime and consequently reduce energy consumption.

Contribute to your company’s sustainability reports

Identify areas for improvement: monitor your factory to detect the areas where you are wasting the most energy and then develop strategies to reduce consumption.

Pinpoint the assets or processes to optimize: with an electricity consumption monitoring system you can identify inefficient assets or processes that contribute to disproportionate energy consumption.

Set consumption thresholds: with energy efficiency solutions you can set consumption thresholds to reduce energy use over time and monitor progress, while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Get more value from your machines

Optimize energy costs and consumption: with an energy consumption monitoring system you can obtain accurate data on the energy consumption of individual legacy machines as well as the entire shop-floor.

Improve energy consumption of auxiliary machinery: easily identify areas where energy is wasted and uncover opportunities for optimizing your service machinery and switchboards.

Increase production efficiency: extract data on energy consumption from your production machinery to gain competitiveness and make optimal use of energy resources.

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energy monitoring software

Optimizing and monitoring of your factory’s energy consumption is among the most effective energy production efficiency solutions for reducing costs.

industrial energy efficiency

“Thanks to our collaboration with Zerynth, we implementeda real-time IoT monitoring system for our production line that allowed us to reduce machinery energy costs by 40%, recovering our investment made in IoT technology in just 4 months.”

Andrea Fornarelli – CEO, Armal

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