We are glad to announce that our partnership with RS Components has brought an extension to the capabilities of the DesignSpark Zerynth Studio middleware toolkit.

The DesignSpark community can now use Python to program 32-bit microcontrollers for Blockchain and IoT applications through the DesignSpark Zerynth Studio suite.

DesignSpark Zerynth Studio

DesignSpark Zerynth Studio suite is free for download on DesignSpark. This remarkable toolkit enables fast IoT application development, with high-level standards of security. Developers can program in Python or a hybrid C/Python language on the most popular 32-bit microcontrollers and connect them to top Cloud infrastructures, like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, and Google Cloud IoT.

The Zerynth toolset allows developers to shorten their development time and get from prototype to final product in the least amount of time.

Zerynth Ethereum Library

The extension of the DesignSpark Zerynth Studio middleware toolkit is made possible with the introduction of the open-source Zerynth Ethereum Library. It allows microcontrollers to generate and sign Ethereum transactions based on just a few lines of Python. Ethereum is an open-source distributed-computing platform that generates the blockchain for the Ether cryptocurrency.

If you want to learn more about this topic, read our “How to use Python on microcontrollers for Blockchain and IoT applications” post.

More about RS Components and Zerynth

RS Components is the trading brands of Electrocomponents plc, a global multi-channel distributor. They offer more than 500,000 industrial and electronics products, sourced from over 2,500 leading suppliers, and provide a wide range of value-added services to over one million customers. RS Components has operations in 32 countries.

Zerynth simplifies IoT development providing an easy and efficient way to program the most popular 32-bit microcontrollers in Python and connect them to the top Cloud infrastructures, with high-level standards of security. With headquarters in Pisa, Italy, and a global sales team, Zerynth is helping thousands of developers around the world to develop new IoT products and Industry 4.0 applications with reduced costs and improved time-to-market.

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