The Zerynth Cloud has just received a major update. We have created a new web application that unifies all the Zerynth Cloud products: Zerynth Device Manager, Zerynth Storage, and Zerynth Dashboard.

Now it is possible to enable and explore all Zerynth services from one page.

Familiar workspace page

The workspace page is quite similar to what you are used to. Now, it simplifies the visualization of infos and actions, and it allows you to quickly identify which services (Storage and/or Dashboard) are enabled on the workspaces.

Also, the navigation inside a workspace has been revamped. Instead of the usual tabs on the top, we opted for a new sidebar on the left that allows you to navigate across the workspace sections and the various services.

Devices and Fleets

As for the devices page, it now merges the old Devices and Fleets pages into a single one, with the same capabilities.

Take a look at the main advantages of this merging:

  • View at a glance which devices have been provisioned and which ones have a SIM card.
  • Filter and search across your devices, not only by name but with advanced information, such as ID or DCN.
  • Filter by fleet, and use a new menu to manage your fleets.

The Devices page has also been redesigned. Now it is divided into 4 sections:

  • Overview
  • Jobs & FOTA
  • Activity
  • Console

Zerynth Cloud web application is fully responsive

The Zerynth Cloud web application is also fully responsive: that means that you can have the same fully usable experience across all devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, etc.).

Lastly, we would just like to say that we provide two new themes (dark and light). So, a present for all your dark mode fans.

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About the Author: Karim Hamdy

Karim Hamdy
Karim is graduated with a degree in Electronics Design and Digital Communication Systems, with interests ranging from autonomous robots to baremetal programming. He now spends most of his time coding and eating pasta.

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