Since the last preparations for The Things Conference Italy are done, we wanted to share with you the most exciting part – a detailed description of all the workshops.

All the workshops

The Things Network Workshops

Workshop #1

“Getting Started with LoRaWAN” by Laurens Slats, the community manager of The Things Network. Here you’ll learn how to start developing with The Things Network. You’ll get to experiment with device activation, LoRaWAN up and downlinks and 3rd party dashboard integrations. Keep in mind that for this workshop, a laptop is required.

Workshop #2

“The little blue dot”. A workshop with a rather mysterious name held by The Things Network’s Laurens Slats. You’ll learn when to use different localization technologies such as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and LoRa geolocation. During this workshop, you’ll choose one of these technologies to locate your device. For this workshop, a laptop is required.

Microchip Workshops

“Connecting your IoT Device with LoRaWAN to the Things Network” by Microchip Technology team – a beginner/intermediate level workshop about understanding how a global LoRaWAN network like the Things Network works and creating an IoT ecosystem by sending data through the entire IoT data path (IoT device -> Gateway -> Network Server).

Hands-on coding sessions, in challenge format, with different topics and different levels of complexity, so everyone can participate, no matter the knowledge level. This coding session will be held by the Microchip team in the afternoon, at the tables by their booth. We bet you want to know what sort of challenges will be covered, so let’s start from the top:

  • Challenge no.1 – Build a Node-Red Application on your local machine which collects data and controls your IoT end device.
  • Challenge no.2 – Use myDevice Cayenne to visualize your content in a custom dashboard. Integrate CayenneLPP library to your sketch to support the payload format.
  • Challenge no.3 – Adding Bluetooth connectivity to an IoT end device to set/get LoRaWAN connection parameters.
  • Challenge no.4 – We’re keeping this one as a secret, so come to the conference to find out what it will be.

Pre-Requisite for the attendees:

  • Install on their machine the latest version of Arduino IDE
  • Install “Arduino SAMD” and “Sodaq” Boards Packages
  • Install “The Things Network” Arduino Library
  • The procedure is attached here.

Zerynth Workshop

“Getting started with Python on microcontrollers for Industrial IoT” held by the Zerynth and TOI team. This is a workshop you can’t miss if you want to learn how to create successful LoRaWAN solutions for IoT and industry 4.0 in Python using Zerynth-powered boards like 4zerobox and XinaBox, the hardware sponsor of the conference, like we mentioned in the post the other day.

Pre-Requisite for the attendees:

To see the timetable of all the workshops and keynotes, head to the Agenda section of the official conference page.

Register for the workshops

Now that you know everything about the upcoming workshops, it’s time to register for the ones you would like to participate in.

To register for the workshop you are interested in, please send an email at

And last but not least, don’t forget to bring your laptop, it’s required for participation in all the workshops.

More about The Things Conference Italy

The Things Conference on Tour Pisa Italy

The Things Conference Italy will take place on October 11th at the GATE Centre, in Pisa where our R&D offices are. There’ll be workshops, talks, and lectures held by some of the industry experts on LoRaWAN and Python.

You should also know that the GATE Centre is 5 minutes away from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Talk about hitting all the top tourist attractions and enjoying the conference on the same day.

To learn more about the conference speakers, read this post.

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