We’ve got a new tutorial for you that’s perfect for these last few days before the holidays. In just a couple of lines of Python, you could build your very own weather station, and investigate when the perfect amount of snow is coming.

All you’ll need to get started is Ubidots IoT services, Zerynth Studio, and an ESP32 devkit by our partner Espressif Systems.

So, head over to hackster.io, where you can see the full tutorial, and start making your weather station today.

If you are wondering what the benefits of using the combination of Ubidots and Zerynth Studio are, take a look at the beginning of the post. The first part explains how easy it is to integrate the data into Ubidots cloud services. The second one praises the point-and-click dashboard setup. And the third one points out the benefits of the Zerynth library for the Ubidots platform.

“Here’s the kicker; With Zerynth library support for Ubidots platform, It’s amazingly easy to code in Python/C your preferred Micro-controller and be able to benefit from the huge Zerynth features in addition to the IOT services provided by Ubidots.”

To make this journey of creating your weather station even easier, there’s a video that also explains the whole process:

Get Started with Zerynth and Ubidots

Last year we entered into a successful partnership with Ubidots, the popular IoT Application Enablement Platform. And since the combination of Zerynth Studio and Ubidots is so simple and effective, we wanted all our users to have a guide on how to get started with the two.

If you click here, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to design your own IoT solution in Python.

And if you are interested to learn what caused Python’s meteoric rise in the embedded industry, read our newest post that explains it all in detail.

Download Zerynth Studio

Download Zerynth Studio today, and start making amazing IoT solutions in Python. We have tons of useful tutorials on Zerynth Academy that will help you along.

Happy codding!

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