Last week we held a webinar designed to teach companies how to improve the efficiency of their industrial processes with IoT and Industrial IoT.

We were joined by two Italian manufacturing companies that shared their IoT journey and the reasons why they chose the Zerynth IoT Platform – Vitesco Technologies Italy and Armal.

If you missed the webinar while it was live, don’t worry, you can watch it any time. Simply visit the webinar on-demand page, fill up the registration form, and watch the recording.

We would just like to point out that the webinar is in Italian.

Case Studies

So don’t miss this opportunity to watch the webinar and learn about the path two major manufacturing companies took to digitize their industrial processes. Thanks to the Zerynth IoT Platform, and our experts, that path was clear and straightforward.

Vitesco Technologies – how to reduce machine downtime and predict malfunctions

We provided Vitesco Technologies Italy with a local IIoT system for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance. The system optimizes the manufacturing process of automotive components and significantly reduces operational costs.

Furthermore, to build the system we used the 4ZeroBox control unit, connected directly to the Cloud, through the Zerynth Device Manager.

Now, Vitesco Technologies is able to predict malfunctions of their pneumatic valves within 24 hours. You can also learn more about the case study, by watching the video below. Alessio Papucci, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) & Advanced Technology Leader of Vitesco Technologies explains how the Zerynth IoT Platform helped them reduce machine downtime and predict malfunctions.

Armal – IoT technology for remote monitoring of production machinery

Armal efficient power consumption

We supported Armal in developing an Industrial IoT system that allows remote monitoring of their production machinery parameters.

Since they needed to modernize their entire production workflow, and the machines were 15-20 years old, on average, retrofitting was the best choice.

We built a system using the industrial-grade 4ZeroBox, connected directly to the Cloud, over the Zerynth Device Manager.

Thanks to the new Zerynth-powered system, the cost of the energy consumption of their production machines has been reduced by 60%. Moreover, Armal recovered this investment in IoT in only 4 months. You can learn more about the case study here, or watch the video below, to see what Andrea Fornarelli, CEO of Armal, had to say about it.

Watch the webinar 

Would you like to learn more about the Vitesco and Armal case studies? Learn about the main features of our platform? See what does it take to achieve a successful IoT platform implementation?

Visit the official page and register to watch the webinar, and find all the answers.

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