An interesting question popped up in the comment section of one of our YouTube tutorial videos: Python on ESP32 DevKitC using Zerynth Studio – AWS Connection. This is not so strange since that video is really popular, and it has spurred a lively conversation.

This kind of thing is a clear sign of Zerynth’s fast growth on multiple platforms, and we’re certainly happy to see it happening. But we would like to remind you that the central hub for Zerynth related questions and guidelines lies on the Forum.

The Forum is where you’ll find like-minded developers who have the same questions that you do, and you’ll most probably find the answer there as well. That’s the spot you’ll find our team, too. If you see that your question hasn’t been already asked in one of the threads, don’t hesitate to ask the community. After all, that’s why it’s there.

Discussions in the comment section

In case you wanted to see the discussion on YouTube we mentioned above, here’s the full thing.

One user asked these two questions:

“1. Why do we need to bind AWS IoT things to Zerynth project using a ‘ztc aws add-things’ command? Can’t we manually provide the thing information in ‘thing.config.json’ file?
2. How to bind already existing thing to the project?”

Here is the answer he got from our team:

the ztc aws group of commands allows to easily create multiple things for multiple devices to be programmed with the same firmware, moreover it simplifies the process of creating things and certificates, but it is not mandatory at all.
Of course, you can manually edit the thing.conf.json file but be careful in placing the right key and certificate inside the project (renamed to private.pem.key and certificate.pem.crt) with the certificate having a valid policy attached to it.

You can find more info here:

Feel free to open a discussion on our community forum if you need further help:

We’ll be seeing you on the Forum.

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