Smart Production

Digitization and automation of production processes

  • Customer: Metal Form Srl.
  • Customer description: Metal Form is a company that specializes in the design and production of mechanical components.
  • Keywords: production, automation, digitization, IIoT


For thirty years Metal Form has specialized in the design and production mechanic components, with customers like Piaggio and Leonardo. Now, they decided to undertake an industrial automation process, and so they turned to Zerynth and Sinergest, our partner.

They needed a solution that automatizes and digitizes their production orders. A solution that offers them information in real-time from their industrial machinery, the percentage of completion in different processing phases, etc.


Production orders, processed by the Metal Form planning department, are now visible directly by the operators on the machine. 

While production is happening, the operators have information coming in real-time from the machinery:

  • number of pieces produced 
  • percentage of completion of the various processing phases
  • electricity consumption
  • operating status 

This bi-directional exchange of data allows the unloading of the raw material components in the warehouse, and the loading of the semi-finished products, in a completely automatic way.

Technology and Services provided

The solution is based on:

  • the Zerynth Industry 4.0 Kit (4ZeroPlatform) running the Zerynth OS;
  • An IoT device management solution based on the Zerynth Device Manager, integrated with a custom user interface and dashboard.

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